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Eye of Creation

People use this strong vibrational image for Meditation and Healing, to transform the energy-field in home or office. For those who suffer from depression, it is especially beneficial. It provides a strong and uplifting energy.

I see it as the arising of form from the unmanifested Source as well as the continuing presence of the unmanifested at the heart of all things and all beings, what Eckhart calls inner space. The picture represents the world and also yourself.

Some people say that the image helps them sense that inner space even in the midst of a busy life filled with countless things to do and things to think about. Custom-made, it promotes Well-Being, Balancing the energy in your private or corporate space. Its refreshing and uplifting thus creates an atmosphere in the enviroment where people feel comfortable and at ease.

Eye of Creation 1
Eye of Creation 5
Eye of Creation 2
Eye of Creation 7
Eye of Creation 8
Eye of Creation 6
Eye of creation 4 jpg
Eye of creation 3

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