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The Angels

Angelic presences are firmly interwoven with the story of the human race. In all religious and spiritual traditions they play a big part in assisting, protecting, guiding and caring for all life on or planet.

Nor restricted by the laws of our physical universe thjey appear in many forms,in many places. But humans not always recognize them. They appear as helpers and messengers of the light. They are a blessing for all of life and a invaluable aid in the transformation of human consciousness.

My personal relationship with these helpers goes way back, for many times in many difficult situations I felt there helping presence, always there in te background.

While I was working on an art project, a beautiful Angel image appeared in my mind's eye. This was the first of a series of Angel pictures that came into being.

Angel of abundance
Angel of awakening
Angel of Balance
Angel of Beauty and Hope
Angel of bliss
Angel of Creativity
Angel of Freedom
Angel of Fertility
Angel of Good Fortune 1
Angel of Transcendence
Angel of support
Angel of spiritual growth
Angel of Serenity
Angel of Safe Haven
Angel of Presence
Angel of Peace
Angel of Our Ancesters
Gaia Angel
Angel of New Pathways
Angel of new beginnings
Angel of Metamorphosis
Angel of love
Angel of inspiration
Angel of Light
Angel of Inner Purpose
Angel of illumination
Angel of Inner Strength
Angel of harmony
Angel of guidance
Angel of Grace
Angel of protection
Angel of healing

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