“Willem Janssen’s energy art is beautiful to behold, yet there is more here than meets the eye. I feel that each of his paintings is an energy field, a transmission of presence, healing and at the same time energizing.”

Eckhart Tolle

Author of the “Power of Now” and a “New Earth“.



Angel Art

Angelic presences are firmly interwoven with the story of the human race. In all religious & spiritual traditions they play a big part in assisting, protecting, guiding & caring for all life… Learn More»

The Eye of Creation

The Eye of Creation appeared after a morning meditation in 2007. I see it as the arising of form from the unmanifested Source as well as the continuing presence of the… Learn More»

Energy Beings

These pictures represent energies that help dissolve patterns of resistance that are holding us back from experiencing the peace within. Some people see them as Angelic… Learn More»

Through Eckhart's Eyes

With the arrival of the "smartphone", combined with social media, taking pictures and instantly sharing them with others has become a daily ritual for many of us. It is an opportunity to Learn More»

On my Bookshelf

On my bookshelf Learn More»

Free Lottery Draw

Fine-Art print Draw - Sign up is free. To enter the Free Lottery Prize Draw for a featured Fine-Art print, fill in the form in the box below.Tax, shipping and handling is included in the prize. Learn More»
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